Allow us to introduce ourselves

My name is Adam Gee and this is my wife Amber Gee. We live in Nashville, Tennessee and started as collectors. We have always had a love for fashion, sneakers, and vintage clothing. Our obsession for finding the coolest shoes and grail vintage pieces began in 2015. When the pandemic started we decided to create something together that we both had a passion and desire to pursue. That is when The Brother Gee began.

What is The Brother Gee?

Sneakers. Streetwear. Vintage. Fashion. To provide access to the items you have been searching for past, present, and future! To introduce people who arent your everyday Sneaker Enthusiast to the exciting Sneaker and Vintage Culture we have been a part of for so long. Our mission is to bring together people of all ages, and help people express their artistic and creative personalities through our unique pieces!

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